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Harry"Fox" James is at large in Thailand! Nightlife in tropical paradise, beautiful Thai girls, trips on big bikes through lush jungles and along coral beaches are the main ingredients in the adventurous life of Harry Fox. There is Dukdah, pink tank top and a sweatshirt tucked beneath the waist. Showing a lot of skin and a navel like a fingerprint in almond paste...


But the question is: will it last? Even in paradise fatal temptation and the presence of evil prevail. As death becomes a daily occurrence and even a killing disrupts his easy living, Harry reaches a point of no return and decides to challenge destiny...


If you are into Thai girls and big bikes, this is a book for you :-) BUT the reader will find a lot more than that, e.g. food for thought when it comes to judging cultures and purpose of life in different parts of the globe. And there is always that strange phenomenon that we call destiny. Sometimes destiny is sweet, sometimes bold... and sometime destiny hits so hard that neither Thai girls nor big choppers can make life meaningful any more.


Originally I had met her at a local temple. She was seeking the advice of the abbot. Not surprisingly, he told her to do merit and eat vegetables. I watched her kneeling and patting the floor three times with the palms of her hands. When she rose and turned around, the two of us were looking straight into each other's eyes. Her melting gaze was so open that I had a hard time standing up for it and keeping my eyes steady. Slowly and tantalisingly she extended a slender hand, never failing to look me in the eyes.

Holding my fingers she said in a husky voice: "Where do you go, farang? Can I go with you?"

I felt a prickle down my spine as if somebody had put an ice cube down my neck.

"Yes" I answered "you can go with me. And I am going where ever you want me to go!"

Sao looked me over even more closely.

"You are not handsome" she noted "but I will go with you anyway. Where is your motobike?"


“When I first came to Thailand I had no idea how hot-blooded these girls are by nature” Stephen mused “Today I understand a little bit more. Still it is hard to grasp the vehemence with which these Valkyries chase the Navy. Thai girls are shackled by emotion and under the spell of love potion no. nine when the mighty warriors of the high West come down to earth in their vessel and uniform..."

“Yes” Stephen added “it is kind of funny though, people always accusing men of being chauvinist swines, picking beautiful young girls for fornication… they should expe¬rience the shock of seeing our local girls at a time like this…”

He laughed. "And it even is just one big game. The girls and the navy boys have a heck of the time, buggering each other to kingdom come…”


Maybe it comes as a surprise to you that "young" by Pakarang standards is around twenty. Some tourists believe they can find teenagers or even children in the streets of Pakarang. But that is not possible. The only children that rove around at night are the flower and chewing gum kids. Not that they are working here by choice, but they too are under strict supervision, believe me. As a visitor, you might not notice the old lady sitting on a log of cement, watching her little work force with apparent indifference, nor the young hoodlum in the corner with the inconspicuous shirt... But they are the mamasan and the police officer who watch and notice and know every little detail of what is going on. Don't be fooled by their looks, the police guy packs a thirty-eight and the mamasan drives a heavy knuckle. And these two are not the only ones. A whole squadron of mamasans and undercover police officers are at large here, there, everywhere and at all times. Tourists do not know that there are practically no mafia nor pimps in most parts of Thailand.



There was a dull reflection, a drab wall sparsely lit by the distant sunlight. Beyond the wall was blackness and I heard a rising sound, like the rumble of a distant train. Current started to tuck at my legs, oddly it dragged me sidewise. Whatever was behind that greyish wall was threatening and fearful. My reflexes anxiously bid me return, but I decided not to leave before I had accomplished some sort of success, so I opted for the wall. I was going to strike it, then turn around and swim back. Fighting the sinking feeling in my guts I approached the wall and reached out to touch it.

Later, lying in the sun while letting the warmth dry my body I reflected on what had just happened. The unfor­giving agonising pull of the current close to the wall had nearly drowned me. That was not quite unexpected. Obviously there would be some risk in a hazardous dare like swimming into the unknown current of a mountain cave. But what happened immediately afterwards took me aback and shook my senses.

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"My name is Harry "Fox" James and before you ask, what with the middle name, here is the story: I am a vet and during the war against terrorism they used to call me the Fox because I was a reliable brother in arms, especially at night patrols. Also I took great pains watching my tail, you see. That is why I survived, even without much injury. Except from a little shell wound that still aches once in a while.

Life is journey, not destination.

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